Quin Williams (Founder, Owner, CEO)

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I’m happy that you are interested in Quin Knows and learning more about my organization.

I am a Pansexual survivor of a long-term, lesbian presenting, domestic abuse relationship of 6 years born and raised in Charlotte, NC. As I went through the healing process alone, I realized that there weren’t as many information resources, or safe spaces for members within the LGBTQ+ community experiencing and survivors of domestic abuse.

I have chosen to be, not only a resource, but I am currently working to build a network of individuals and organizations so that I can point those who reach out to Quin Knows for help in the right direction with the right kind of resources that fit. The goal is to lead anyone within our community who’s in an abusive relationship out and to the correct resources for recovery and healing. If there aren’t local resources, Quin Knows will be a virtual one; this includes check-ins, counseling, and holistic appointments, etc.

While being a resource, Quin Knows is also about serving the LGBTQ+ community through missions which provide needed items for battered women, providing hot meals for LGBTQ+ youth, an doing all that we can to connect with others who are making a difference within our community.

My goal is to create a safety net of information and resources to assist those within our LGBTQ+ community experiencing and healing from domestic violence while creating awareness through workshops and social events.

If you’d like to know how you could help, offer your services as an affiliate or sponsor, or if you’d like to find out how you can help Quin Knows continue to grow, please fill out a contact form and sign up to receive our monthly newsletter, THE SUNFLOWER.